Yours and your customer’s sensitive files are must. If a hacker tries to hacks your system or files and corrupt your data as well as your customer’s data, this will end up to data loss.

Bad Commands

Have you ever reformatted a hard disk when you meant to format a CD-DRIVE? Have you ever typed “Y” when you meant “N”, then it was too late? You might lose your important data.


Malwares and Viruses

These programs have the capability to copy and load into your system along with the software you think you are getting. Once loaded, they proceed to causing errors and data loss.

Server Crashes

Server crash always happen when you least need it, and can lead to data loss. Hard Drive failure, Physical PC damage and much more can happen with anyone, anytime.


Deleted Files

The top risk of losing data is deleting files or parts of texts without having any backups available where as updating file, deleting it is very common activity and we do them often.

User Error

How about installing a software later found you really did not want? Have you ever overwritten a file by mistake? These all errors are done by users unintentionally.


Continuous Data Protection

For sites that have databases (stores, forums, etc.), this data is constantly changing as well. It should have backups scheduled throughout the day so that no information is ever compromised.

Different Backup Options

Backup Bank Plugin generate different types of backups such as Complete Backup including files and database, Only Database, Only File System, All Plugins and Themes, Only Themes, Only Plugins, Only WP-Content folder, Only Selected Files.


Email Notifications

Email Backup Notifications are the primary way to get notified of backups. You can know immediately when Backup Bank finishes or needs attention so you can always be sure you have a current and useful backup for your website.

Restoration of Backups

User can restore a specific previous WordPress backup or files that are lost, damaged, or changed accidentally. You can also restore files, groups of files, or databases that you’ve backed up to a previous backup if something goes wrong.


Scheduling Backups

Backup Bank schedules your backups either manually or automatically. It also allows you to schedule your backups to run every day, week or month on Local System or on Remote Destinations as per your instructions.

Different Compression Types

Backup Bank allows you to compress backups in different formats such as .Tar, .Zip, Tar.Gzip, and Tar.BZip2 so that it is easy to restore the database using the method you are most comfortable with.


Storage Offsite

Store backup files off-site in a safe, secure location. It automatically send your WordPress backup files to several remote storage locations including Amazon S3, Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Microsoft Azure and much more.

Server Tools

Take a deep look at your server settings and capabilities. Our built-in server tools are super helpful to track down possible hosting problems that could prevent your backups from running.



Backup Bank supports 36 Global languages. More and more people across the globe are new associating with Backup Bank.

Unlimited Access

With the purchase of Business and Developer Editions, you can create unlimited amount of backups which can be either downloaded or stored to the remote destination. What else needed!


Super Duper Support

Quick Response to your queries and issues are provided directly by the support team. We firmly believe that having fast, friendly and helpful Customer Support is important. We constantly strive to offer the best support possible.

User Friendly Interface

Backup Bank is a powerful WordPress Plugin with extra-ordinary features. It’s Easy, Powerful and can be customized easily and enables you to take backup of all your data on different destinations.